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I am: a French canadian woman who likes to ship all the ships and finds fandom beautiful. I generally have things queued for one post per day. A great deal of things posted will be not safe for work.

Interests: Teen Wolf, Welcome to Night Vale, fanworks, queering everything, playing with styles, podfics, reccing, drawing, reblogging pretty visuals, kinky things, fluffy things.

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Today, April 10th, is the Artists check in! 

You have 24 hours to complete the check in. anyone not checked in by 12AM on the 11th will be contacted and given 24 hours to check in.

If you do not hear from us, your check in was recieved!

Just fill out the form and submit and you’re all good to go.

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I guess they’re driving away from a sunset or maybe it’s an explosion but either way it is pretty illegal

Too Many Teens In A Jeep And Derek.png.

OMG I thought this was Saiyuki fanart. I LOVE IT.

9 in a Jeep

AU where Allison and Lydia are witches who terrorize Beacon Hills
AU where Allison and Lydia are witches who terrorize Beacon Hills

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cordeliachaseme asked: ooh if you’re taking drawing suggestions, maybe allydia kisses? :)
anon asked:Lydia and Allison for sure

my darlings <3 this was supposed to be done in time for the TW ladies week but I got distracted by things and stuff. On a separate note, I need to work on my colors oops. 

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AU: Laura and Lydia as rockers (and girlfriends obviosuly)

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1.04 // 3.13

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This is the Christmas card I got from yue-ix! It’s Derek getting a card from Scott and his pack. Wolfie boyfriends over distance~ I may have to fic this because I am cooing~~

Yay my cards have started arriving. :D  I got really interesting prompts to work with and will reblog them as people get theirs. This one was cool to fake it was sent by Scott & friends, and imagine what card they’d have picked at the store and they would have written inside. (Of course Boyd and Erica live because Boyd & Erica.)